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From the Pastor's Desk - July 24, 2022

Why do the priests rotate? You may not realize it, but we now have five priests rotating through the family of parishes: Fathers Jerome Bishop, David Howard, Jim Manning and I, who are on full-time duty, and Father Tom Shearer, pastor emeritus of Our Lady of Good Hope and St. Henry, who generously continues to help out as needed. The reasons for this: you deserve a chance to get to know those of us who are unfamiliar, and we need to get to know you as well. Also, I wanted it to be clear that we all serve the whole family of parishes, not just for this or that parish. 


Being consistent with the Holy Eucharist. Because of this, there will be some things that need to be consistent at all three sites to avoid confusion. One of them has to do with how we send the Most Blessed Sacrament from Mass, to those who are unable to attend. The direction from the bishops is as follows: after the distribution of Holy Communion to those attending Mass, and after the priest prays the post-communion prayer, those who will take the Eucharist to the sick and homebound are invited forward. They receive pyxes (i.e., small, closed containers blessed for this purpose) and, in a few words from the priest or deacon, are sent immediately with the Blessed Sacrament. They go right away to their visits to the sick, not waiting for the final blessing. This rite of sending serves a valuable purpose: it reminds all at Mass of the many people who are absent, perhaps more than we might realize.


If you prefer, you are welcome to touch base with the priest (or deacon if present) after Mass. But I do ask that folks not present a pyx in the communion line. Rather, bring the pyx before Mass to the priest, or else, after Mass. For me, in particular, this allows me to learn more about you and the folks to whom you are bringing the Eucharist.


What else is Father Fox up to? This week, I began getting to know folks at Bishop Leibold School as we are already making plans for the fall. Although Father Manning serves on the school board, I think it is important that I attend meetings when I can. Also, I am putting together a meeting soon with all three pastoral advisory councils. And I continue to get acquainted with our parish staffs and they are getting accustomed to a new fox in the parish house.


—Fr. Fox


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