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From the Pastor's Desk - July 17, 2022

Seeking all possible means to communicate. During the next several months, and probably for the next couple of years, it will be critical to have all possible channels for communication – both ways. Meaning, for parishioners to ask questions and give input, and for me and others who will end up helping me coordinate some of the coming decisions to respond to that input and to communicate not only what may be decided, but also, the reasons for those decisions.


As soon as I finish this so it can be shipped off to the printer, I will be talking to members of the parishes’ staffs about new channels of communication, and making sure we make the best use of what we have. Each parish has a website and some presence on Facebook and I think Instagram. We may explore some other social media. Feel free to make suggestions, because new opportunities open up all the time.


Email is a great resource, because there’s no printing or postage costs, and a “blast” email can go out to thousands of people very quickly. My email is: [email protected]


I do have a personal blog: frmartinfox.blogspot.com. I post my weekend homilies there, and sometimes other items as well.


Another option might be a live event on the Internet. In any case, stay tuned.

When are our priests “in” the office – and where? My office is at St. Henry and you can reach me at: (937) 434-9231. Father Howard keeps office hours at St. Henry as well; you reach him at the same number. Father Manning continues to have an office at St. Mary of the Assumption. Father Bishop at Our Lady of Good Hope. Each of the priests takes a day of rest during the week. I call it a day of rest rather than a day off, because we never stop being your priests; we will certainly take care of you, especially in an emergency situation, no matter what. That said, we priests need time to rest, same as anyone else. Fathers Manning and I are generally away from the office on Mondays; Father Howard on Tuesdays, Father Bishop on Fridays. I am working on how to reach us more effectively in an emergency.

Fr. Fox.


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