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From the Pastor's Desk - August 21, 2022

Gathering with our deacons. The other day I had dinner with all but two of our deacons in the family of parishes. Carl Gestrung doesn’t get out as much anymore, and Victor Obasuyi had another commitment. It was the first time we were all together, but it won’t be the last time. Not only will the priests be serving all three parishes in our family, so will the deacons; and I wanted to get acquainted and start working out some of our plans. 

For example, we haven’t involved our deacons when we have exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (Monday evenings at Our Lady of Good Hope, and first Fridays at St. Henry), but now we have more flexibility, so they, with our priests, can be more involved. Our deacons do a lot, and not only did I want to express my appreciation, but also tell them I look forward to their help bringing our parishes together.

Dinner with our seminarians. When you read this, I will have taken our four seminarians out for dinner: Deacon John Jergens, who is preparing for priestly ordination next May; Ben Mersch, preparing for ordination as a deacon next April; Daniel Jasek, who is preparing for an internship starting this fall, and Joseph Allaire, who is still in college seminary. It is a great blessing to our family of parishes to have so many seminarians, and I want to know them better and support them all I can. I will be inviting Deacon Jergens to preach on weekends when he can, and I always want to have all our seminarians visit when they can.

Meeting with you soon! I am looking forward to our upcoming “Meet the Pastor” gatherings. Not only will I be glad to answer your questions, I’ll start with a question for you! What might it be? Come and find out! 

-Father Martin Fox

[email protected]

(937) 434-9231


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