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From the Pastor's Desk - August 14, 2022

Figuring out our family boundaries. It’s not something we talk about often, but almost all parishes have boundaries. It used to matter more in olden days, but it still reminds us that when you and I belong to a parish, we have a particular part of the world that is our special responsibility. 

So, putting together all three parishes, here are our boundaries.

Beginning in the northwest: from the intersection of Germantown Pike/State Route 4 and Pinnacle Road, east to Soldiers Home-West Carrollton Road, down to the Great Miami River. Then along the river, up to approximately Northlawn Avenue in Moraine. The line cuts east to west over to Encrete Lane, then down to Big Hill Road, Tait Road, and then skirting along the west end of Moraine and NCR golf courses. South to Alex-Bell, along there to Mad River, then down Yankee Street to the Warren County line. 

From there the line goes east to S.R. 48, then south to Lower Springboro Road. The southern boundary goes west to Bunnell Hill Road, south to S.R. 122, through Red Lion, all the way to Union Road, east of Middletown, and then it skirts around north to Manchester, west to Breiel Road, and north, across Miami River, and then along Twin Creek to the Warren-Montgomery county line, and thence east to Jamaica Road, then north to Germantown Pike/S.R. 4.

This means that all or some part of the following communities are in our parishes: Moraine, West Carrollton, Miami Township, Washington Township, Clearcreek Township, Five Points, Ridgeville, Red Lion, Franklin, Franklin Township, Carlisle, German Township, Jefferson Township, Miamisburg. In other words, our parish isn’t just the people who show up, or who are Catholic; it’s all the souls in these communities, and you and I are sent to bear Christ’s light to them.

-Father Martin Fox

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