Becoming Catholic (RCIA)

Becoming Catholic RCIA a journey of faith

Becoming Catholic (RCIA) is an opportunity to learn more about the Catholic faith, yourself, and the St. Henry community. If you are interested in joining please call the Parish Office at 937-434-9231 or email Jennifer Zwiers. We hope to see you soon!

Remarks from past participants:

“…it’s important to stop in this busy world we live in today and remember why we are here, why we are living, and who we are living for.” – participant

“…I had fun.  Who knew learning more about God and Jesus could be such a hoot!”

“…learned a lot about the church and each other.  Taking the classes has strengthened our relationship and brought our family closer together.   New friendships have been made as well.”

“This journey has been very humbling and rewarding.  It has helped me take a step back and look at myself as a person, my Christianity, and spirituality as a whole…”.

“I enjoyed learning about the sacraments and it meant a lot to me to make my first communion.”

“Being received into the Church at Easter Vigil is something that will stick with me forever.”


Frequently Used Prayers

U.S. Catechism of the Catholic Church for Adults

Prayer Quotes from 1001 Unforgettable Quotes About God, Faith, and the Bible, Ron Rhodes

Suggested Books:

Our Catholic Devotions by Therese Johnson Borchard

Virtues – Catechism